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Transfer of Credits

BUC will accept transfer credits from other postsecondary institutions subject to the following conditions and limitations:


1. Credits earned at institutions recognized by USDE and accredited by CHEA approved accrediting agencies such as ABHE, TRACS, ATS, and regional accrediting agencies are transferred through official transcripts.
The university reserves the right to deny credit for specific courses.


2. Credits earned at unaccredited institutions may be transferred on a conditional basis through official transcripts  subject to the following:

* Only a percentage of credits will be considered, not to exceed 40 percent of completed hours.


* Credits to be validated and transferred must meet the following criteria

  • The student must complete twelve academic hours in residency at BUC with a 2.0 grade point average.

  • The qualifications of each professor must be verified through the office of the Chief Academic Officer.

  • A course must fit the appropriate major or be applied as a general elective.

  • A full course description from the college catalog must be provided.

  • The student may be required to pass a BCU validation exam for the course to be transferred.


3. A maximum of 45 hours of credit by CLEP may be recorded. Scores must be submitted for evaluation..


4. Credits accepted in transfer must be at the grade level of ‘C’ or higher.


5. Only credit hours are accepted in transfer. Grades for transferred hours are not transferable. This means transfer hours will not be computed in the student’s grade point average.


6. Courses acceptable for transfer need not be identical with a course offered at BU, but they must be, even as a general elective, in line with the requirements of each program. For example, a student who pursued a curriculum in a field in whichcourses are not offered at BU may not expect to receive full transfer for his/her previous work.


Transfer of Credit Procedures  


1. Students desiring to transfer credits must have an official transcript on file and must confer with the Chief Academic Officer before or during their first semester at BU. Upon review of the transcript, the Dean will complete a transfer evaluation.


2. BU will provide each approved transfer applicant with a tentative evaluation of credits to be accepted for transfer. An official evaluation will be made after the applicant selects and registers in a degree program. Transferred credits may not appear on BU transcripts until 12 semester hours (B.A.) or 9 hours (M.A./M. Div.) are satisfactorily completed.


3. Students must complete at least the last 45 semester hours in residence at BU in the B.A., 36 semester hours in the M.A. in Biblical Studies program, 27 semester hours in the M.A. in Music program, and 48 semester hours in the M. Div. program.


4. Students must complete at least 24 semester hours at BU in Doctoral program.


5. Courses transferred from institutions on the quarter system will be converted to semester hours on the basis of three for two.


6. Students may not take more than 16 credits in the B.A. program or 16 credits in the M.A. and M. Div. programs in a single semester without permission from the Chief Academic Officer. This includes courses taken concurrently at another institution that students desire to transfer to BUC.

Transfer of Credit Policy

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