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Whether it’s been just a few short months or many years since you became a Bethesda alum, your world is likely no longer the same. A lot of life may have passed by, big changes have come and gone, but one thing remains—you’re a huge part of this community. And as a community, Bethesda is here to walk with you through whatever life brings.

So contact us to let us know what Bethesda can continue to do for you—and explore the many ways you can stay connected to the Bethesda community.

Alumni Services

Academic Services

Please use the forms below to request documents

Transfer Processing Form

Transcript & Official Document Order Form

Alumni Success Story

If you would like to share how Bethesda helped make your dream come true, please let us know so that we can share it with our community to encourage each other. 
To share your story, please contact via

Stay Informed

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