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I pleaded that I came with a group but they said I have a different booking so they couldn't honor keeping me on the same plane as the group. I am very disappointed and will avoid my future travel with Austrian airline"Pro: "Good service, nice staff (better than US carriers easily)"Contra: "2. 5 hours to receive baggage - this might be on LAX"Contra: "The aircraft was very old and smelled badly. The toillets didn't work properly and were dirty. "Pro: "The crew"Contra: "The food and the boarding at Vienna airport"Pro: "Plenty of leg room in economy. Will fly again. "Pro: "Service was great and the flight on time. "Pro: "Boarding was a breeze, although the flight was not full.

Horrible. The only reason the flight from Zurich to Boston wasn't quite as bad was because I was able to get the seat by the exit aisle with extra legroom. The food was terrible. It didn't taste like real food. It looked and tasted totally artificial. Overall, a very poor experience. "Pro: "on time flight; friendly staff"Contra: "a little warm before takeoff; I did online check-in and I did not get the SMS with the link to download boarding pass; tried twice and didn't work; I've got in on email as luckily I had access to an wifi"Love the small snack and beverages provided. Boarding was a bit chaotic.

Locuri de muncă în Elveția 2022 - Monito Vrei să trimiți colete, bunuri personale sau bagaje în Elveția? Printre cele mai cunoscute astfel de site-uri românești se numără, Best

However, I missed the experience of enjoying the flight with the group of people that I joined on the way to Vienna and to Egypt. "Contra: "I didn't like the fact that they cancelled my Austrian flight to a completely different company (Lufthansa). I paid extra money when I reserved the tickets in the USA to make sure I am on the same plane as the other three families that i wanted to be with as a group. They had reserved their tickets and I got the flight numbers and when I reserved my booking I paid extra to be on the same airplane as the rest of the group. My plan worked going to Vienna and to Cairo (although one of the planes were delayed 3 hours which ruined our stay in Vienna) but on the way back from Cairo to LA, I couldn't be with the group because I left 2 hours early and arrived in LA 2 hours late.

Elveția - Călătoriile în contextul COVID și normele sanitare Informațiile privind deplasările și măsurile sanitare în vigoare în UE sunt disponibile online. Cetățenii au acces la informații actualizate cu privire

(((TELEVIZOR#))) România vs Elveția în direct online 7 august Transport persoane Romania Elvetia și retur - And-flor Echipa AndFlor oferă serviciul de transport persoane direct la adresă în

I rate Lufthansa a very good choice for trips to Europe, and will use them on my future trips. "Pro: "Also a lovely and comfortable flight"Contra: "No complaints"Pro: "The crew was very good and we were right on time. "Pro: "Everything. Lufthansa is still the best. "Pro: "Attitude of staff"Contra: "Food and delay"Pro: "Comfort and space"Contra: "Plane was scheduled to depart at 10:30 and didn't leave ground until 11:40, unacceptable. "Pro: "Excellent service during the two hour trip.

FlixBus: Curse de autocar în toată Europa Avem curse către: Franța, Țările de Jos, Elveția, Germania, Italia, Cehia, noastre low cost online, prin aplicația pentru mobil, dar și direct de

"Contra: "There wasn't an autobus ready to take us from the main terminal in Athens to the plane on the runway. "Pro: "Roomy seats and good food"Contra: "Ii was not allowed for me to board because the Agean staff is not coached properly do understand what the documents needed to pass Russian border. My arguments that I do not need any visa was not even listened. They were too lazy even to call to Moscow to specify the rules.

The bathrooms did not have warm water and the sense of comfort is to be found only in business and first class. We fly to Zurich a lot because we have family there and we always take SWISS for a direct flight. They have old planes, the little TVs by the seats may or may not work and although the crew is nice and well trained, they cannot substitute for the discomfort of 10 hours flights in a crammed place. Sorry SWISS. "Contra: "Swiss Air allowed us to book a flight with 45 minutes to connect. First flight came in a few mixtures late, but then we had to wait our long turn to deplane, get on bus and wait for it to fill up with all slower passengers, drive to terminal, make it through passport control, take train to other terminal, and run 20 gates down where they were looking for us. We made it with 1 minute to spare from takeoff.

"Pro: "The flight was on time The boarding process was acceptably efficient The fight attendants were nice and responsive There was a meal served and plenty of beverages"Contra: "The plane did not arrive at the terminal. Required going down stairs, riding a bus to the terminal. "Pro: "Friendly crew, great yogurt and snack in a 2 hr flight. "Contra: "Aegean desks very crowded at El Venizelos (Athens) airport. Airport authority should provide more desks for high demand airlines.

Business class bathrooms had nothing to offer in the areas of hand/face creams. All there was were hand wipes and air freshener. (OMG! SERIOUSLY!? ); a big difference from their partners (i. e. Swiss and Lufthansa). Crew was not present -- not only were they very unfriendly they were no where to be found. TV/video didn't work properly -- kept fast forwarding or changing channels on its own. The crew of course, was not concerned.

it wasn't the material I was watching that was the problem. I asked the flight attendant to reset my console. That didn't work either. I just ended up reading my book the entire 9 hour trip. "Contra: "The seat was horrible and had no cushioning. Left. Worn out and non manintained seating systems. Had body pain"Pro: "The best in flight service. I've taken Swiss air multiple times from Zurich to LA and I will never take another airline. The food is great, plenty of snacks and drinks. Great entertainment and the cabin crew treats you very well. "Pro: "- Lots of snacks selections during the flight - Great selection of Movies - but unable to watch them"Contra: "- No special treatment for Star Alliance Gold Member - Crew member forgotten my drink order completely - Entertainment system was not working after 7 Restart attempts - The whole entertainment system is very 90's - OLD and ready to retire - There were crumbs or foods left over from previous flights on my seat and tomato sauce on the tray table - Foods selections was not that great"Pro: "Quick boarding"Contra: "Nothing"Contra: "Sandwiches Delay"Pro: "Food was overall not bad.

In which world would a traveler to a outcry country travel without luggage??? "Pro: "Upgraded to business class by using an award ticket, not much to comment about business class within Europe. just the food was not our taste. "Pro: "It was inexpensive therefor I didn't expect much although I got more than I paid for! "Pro: "clean aircraft, wonderful crew.. comfortable seating.. quick, professional... everything... "Great crew as alwaysBetter food, more often drinks, also didn’t receive luggage with me. Kept them behindThis crew could have made an effort to deliver the passengers to the Vienna on time or to delay departures of the plains that the passengers were connecting to. There is no excuse for what they did to us.

No complaints whatsoever! "Contra: "No headrest screens for entertainment but I had my phone and downloaded movies and shoes prior to leaving the US. "Pro: "Always enjoy Lufthansa flights - Seemed a bit hectic this time"Contra: "It took me 25 hours to get back home, multiple flights, lost luggage, and overall a disaster of a trip home. I was supposed to arrive in DFW at 2:15 p. m. and did not arrive until almost 2:00 a. My luggage came to a different terminal and did not arrive with me. In the end everything was okay but it was not a pleasant trip"Contra: "Unprofessional behavior of the checkin counter agent at IAH was disappointing.

Orange | Abonamente voce și date | TV | Internet prin fibră | Telefoane 4GCu serviciul Roaming poți comunica de pe numărul tău de telefon Orange şi atunci când ești în străinătate. Intră în contul tău pentru mai multe detalii. My Orange Vezi aici condițiile de roaming valabile din 1 iulie 2022 Cu Orange ai tarife promoționale în roaming în Moldova: apel local și către România efectuat sau primit 0, 0595 €/min, SMS 0, 0595 €/mesaj, trafic de date 0, 00595 €/MB (TVA inclus). Tarifele sunt valabile până pe 17 august. Selectează țara în care vrei să călătorești pentru a afla tarifele de roaming și alte informații utile: Destinații populare: Din 01.

I am very glad that you asked me for my opinion because I am using my free time to demand full refund, even tough the damage is much bigger than the cost of the ticket and it's irreplaceable. "Pro: "Staff, and service were good. "Contra: "We had to Run from our arrival gate to our departure gate, and take a train, and go through immigration and then a second documents check. It looked to me like Swiss Air knew we were running close as the flight rarely (if ever) leaves on time. It was stressful for us and for the 30+ others who were still in line in immigration when the flight time passed. It turned out to not be a problem but the published times are unrealistic.

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