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Master of Arts in Music


The Master of Arts in Music degree is a two-year degree designed to provide opportunities for advance study in music and for developing trained, professional musicians in the professional areas of performance and general musicianship. The M.A. in Music program seeks to provide professional musical training in both church and secular music, and to provide opportunities for students to study and experience music, and to share their musical life with the public. The M.A. in Music degree is awarded upon the successful completion of 48 semester hours of graduate work.

We offer two fields of emphasis

  • Classical Music

    • Keyboards (Piano/Organ/Accompanying)

    • Voice/Composition/Orchestral Instruments/

    • Conducting/Percussion/Musical Theatre

  • Contemporary Music

    • Keyboard/Vocal/ Elec. Guitar & Bass Guitar /Drum/

    • Media & Computer Music

What can I do with this degree?

With a degree in Music, one can work as a professional musician in many settings:

professional accompanist for church, band, artists, and musicals. One can also work as a composer for Film, TV, and Artists. You can also work as an engineer at a recording studio. Also there are many teaching opportunities as well. 

What are the degree outcomes?

Upon completion of this program students will:

  • Plan and direct a broad variety of service opportunities in the church and the community.

  • Become better performers in a solo, choral, or instrumental capacity.

  • Have new insights, perspectives, and practices in musical performances.

  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively make and arrange music in diverse musical styles.

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have? 

Bethesda University boasts a number of world-famous faculty members who are active professionals in their respective fields. All of our classes and curriculums are designed in a very practical manner to provide as much real-world experiences to the students as possible. All the students have access to our newly designed recording studio, MIDI computer labs, and remodeled practice rooms. All of our ensemble classes feature professional accompanists to help out during the class, which has tremendous experience and benefits for the students. Masterclasses with world-renowned musicians are held regularly as well.

Bethesda University Music Program is a well-knit community, students will receive a lot of individual attention, due to the smaller class size. There is a lot of mentorship from the faculty to ensure students are cared for and to offer help in any matter they might be struggling with. Students will learn in a friendly, relaxed environment of the school. Bethesda welcomes diversity and students will study in a multicultural setting, interacting with students with various backgrounds. 

What kind of courses will I take?

  • MU 595 Music Teaching Method

  • MU 527 Contemporary Band Workshop  

  • MU 535 Style & Groove Jazz Studies

  • MU 597 Praise & Worship Leader 

  • MU 510 Survey of Music Theory

  • MU 520 Advanced Form& Analysis

  • MU 540 Seminar in Music History

Course Catalogs

For course descriptions, requirements, focus areas, options, and other program details see our full course catalog.

Program Review

For more details, please click program review.

Ken Song

Prof. Ken Song
Chair of Music Department

I encourage any student who wants to have a career in music to apply to Bethesda University. 

We offer practical and comprehensive programs taught by industry professionals.

Our faculties are some of the best musicians in the country and they offer mentorship and individual attention to our students.

We guarantee that you will receive the highest quality, all-around education to start up your career. 




Dong Hwoon Lee\
B.A. in Music

I enjoyed the music program at Bethesda because all students formed a friendly relationship with the professors, and everyone was able to enjoy the class while attending the class. With that kind of friendly relationship, students can ask any questions or help to professors without any hesitation. Also, music programs tend to be very expensive, but the music program at Bethesda was affordable and of top-notch quality.

2 Years
Standard Duration

This indicates the standard duration of this program. Completion time may vary depending on transferred coursework and preferred courseload.

Total Program Credits

This indicates the standard duration of this program. Completion time may vary depending on transferred coursework and preferred courseload.


Bethesda University is accredited by TRACS and ABHE

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