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Dr.Seung Je Cho


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Sheng Wang

Vice President

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Dr. George Winney

Chief Academic Officer

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Hyo In Kim, (1999). Dissertation, Computers in Music Education: An Investigation and Analysis of their Use in Non-Performance Secondary School Music Classes in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Dr. Hyo in Kim

Chair of graduate in Music

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Santa Monica Parenting Program 2010-2015
Values in Parenting: Reflection on your goals
Rewards versus Encouragement in Child Development 
How to Handle Tantrums in Infants through Preschoolers 
Sleep Training for Infants and Toddlers
Toilet Training for Your Toddlers and Preschoolers
Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Curriculum

First United Methodist Preschool-2019-2021
How to Redesign Your Classroom
Using Ages and Stages Questionaries as an Assessment Tool
NAEYC Accreditation for Your Program 

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa Education Committee, 2019
Role Early Childhood Education Centers Play in Our Community 
Need for Community Support for Early Childhood Education Centers 

U.S Congressional Hearing: Education Committee, 2020
Funding Needed to Support Early Childhood Education Centers 
2008 Research on Quality Teachers in Early Childhood Education: Cal State University of Northridge

Prof. Mary De La Rosa

Chair of Early Childhood Education

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Inventory and Price Stackelberg Equilibrium Policies of Non-instantaneous Deteriorating Items Supply Chain with Trade Credit

Dynamic Pricing for reputation based ecommerce

SONY electronics environment analysis based on SWOT, in company structure, strategy

Cross-Docking assignment

Prof. Zongze Chen

Chair of Information Technology

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Dr. Moses Aleman

Chair of Undergraduate In Music

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Prof. Ramon Baltazar

Chair of Undergraduate Business

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Prof. Josiah Paredez

Chair of Undergraduate Theology

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American Church: Yesterday and Today

Dr. Sangjoon Choi

Chair of Doctor of Ministry Programs

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Leo Balayon

Athletic Director/ Chair of the Sport Management

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Woo Jung Lee

Accounting Manager

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Michael Kocharian

Admissions Officer

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Young Hwa Jang

Director of Financial Aid

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David Kum

Facility Manager

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Sungwoo Lee

General Affairs Officer

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Rachel Hwang


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Felicia Marshall

Registrar/ Office of Academic

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