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B.A. in Religion


The Bachelor of Arts in Religion is a four-year degree program providing students with professional training for ministry on a college level. The degree offers a solid grounding in the Bible, doctrine, and the practices of ministry within a strong Pentecostal environment. With a broad educational component, the curriculum enables students to formulate a biblical worldview and a biblical mindset for life. The Bachelor in Religion degree program allows the student to focus upon an area of concentration that will best prepare them for the ministry of their choice. The Religion degree with specialized concentrations provides the student with the foundational professional training necessary for vocational ministry or for entrance into a professional master's program.

We offer two emphasis

  • Biblical Studies

    • Biblical Studies is a scholarly presentation of the witness to faith and of the theological views of the biblical writers in the context of the covenant people, Israel, and the early Church. Courses deal with biblical background and history, ethics and doctrines, and proper methods of interpretation.

  • Christian Education

    • The Christian Education concentration is designed to equip students to serve local churches and parachurch agencies through teaching and discipling people of various ages.

What can I do with this degree?

With a BA in Biblical Studies, you will have the necessary skills and training to preach and teach the bible on various platforms. Whether it be in a church context, outdoor setting, our on the mission field. You will also develop techniques for the art of ministry that will enable you for the work in ministry with career paths such as:

  • Senior Pastor

  • Professor of Theology

  • Hospice Chaplin 

  • Missionary


With a BA in Christian Education, you will be equipped with essential leadership skills and Christian educational knowledge that will open doors in fields such as:

with titles such as, but not limited to:

  • Christian Counseling 

  • Christian Coaching

  • Community Develop Work  

  • Education (Teaching 

  • Children’s Ministry 

  • Youth Ministry 

What are the degree outcomes?

Upon completion of this program students will:

  • Know the historical background of the Old and New Testaments so that they may understand the context in which each book was written.

  • Understand the relationship between the Old and New Testament and how God has progressively revealed Himself.

  • Demonstrate a conscious understanding of the argument and general content of each book in the Bible.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the historical development of theological concepts so as to maintain theological balance.

  • Be able to think systematically through the teachings of Scripture in light of the whole written counsel of God.

  • Present a Christian apologetic through an understanding of a biblical theology.

  • Integrate the truths of the Scriptures into life and communicate them to the world.

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have? 

  • A deeper relationship with God 

  • Building a creating network of community 

  • Ministerial opportunities of serving the local church and community

What kind of courses will I take?

  • CH 220 Church History

  • BS 220 Biblical Hermeneutics

  • LN 200 Introduction to Biblical Language 

  • OT 110 Old Testament Survey

  • NT 312 Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ

  • NT 330 Pauline Letters

  • TH 420 Pneumatology

  • CS 170 Spiritual Disciplines & Christlikeness

  • CE 371 Christian Education of Youth

  • CE 400 Teaching Methods

  • CE 410 Family Ministries in the Church

  • CE 480 Educational Administration

Course Catalogs

For course descriptions, requirements, focus areas, options, and other program details see our full course catalog.

Program Review

For more details, please click program review.


Prof. Josiah Paredez 

Chair of Undergraduate Theology 

There is no greater fulfillment in life than serving the Lord! Jesus calls upon all his followers to the work of ministry (Matt. 28:18-20). But an even greater privilege is for those who are called to be shepherds of shepherds. With a degree in Religion from Bethesda University that calling becomes a reality. I personally love being a pastor. It is truly the greatest profession in the world. If you have a heart for serving others and want to see this world changed for Christ, then this is the school for you! Our courses are designed to give you hands on training in practical ministry that will lead you to successful experiences of encountering God’s mission. Before all the great heroes mentioned in the bible, did great and mighty things, God took each one of them on a journey where he molded them and shaped them! Let BUC be your preparation field for the destiny God is about to fulfill in your life! 


Smiling Student Sitting At Desk

Susie Baek,
B.A. in Biblical Studies

The University provides a positive atmosphere and guidance to all students. I love every staff in Bethesda.The leaders are so fatherly and motherly. I am very blessed to take part in Bethesda University.

4 Years
Standard Duration

This indicates the standard duration of this program. Completion time may vary depending on transferred coursework and preferred courseload.

Total Program Credits

This indicates the standard duration of this program. Completion time may vary depending on transferred coursework and preferred courseload.


Bethesda University is accredited by TRACS and ABHE

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