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유학생 입학

Step 1Complete the online International student application.  

Step 2Pay the $100 application fee.

Step 3Submit the following information:


  1.  Official Transcripts translated into English.

  2. Official Bank Statements showing a minimum of $16,000 USD (plus, $6,000 USD for each additional F-2 Dependent) for the 9-month academic year.

  3. Provide a copy of your valid Passport.

  4. Submit a copy of your Current I-20, Visa and I-94 form (only for transfer students).

  5. Fill out the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement and Influence Survey.

  6. (If applicable) F-2 Dependent Information (Dependent Info Form, copy of each dependent’s passport and visa, and proof of additional funding available)

  7. English Proficiency Qualifications 
          Prospective students whose native language is not English must demonstrate college-level proficiency in English through one of the following options:

    Note: All accepted English Proficiency documentation has a 2-year validity period from the date of examination.

    • A strong command of the English language is necessary for successful study at Bethesda University.  Applicants who meet any one of the criteria listed below are considered proficient in English (Need to fill out English Waiver Request Form)

    • Attended a US high school for at least three full years

    • Attended a full-time international educational institution at the secondary level or above for at least three years, where English is the native language of the country or it is the primary language of instruction.

    • Undergraduate: Completed at least 60 units from an educational institution in the U.S. with a minimum of 30 units in general education courses for oral communication(speech), and English composition with passing score “C” or above.

    • Graduate: Attended a U.S. educational institution for three years, full-time (72 units).

    • Earned a bachelor’s or higher degree from an educational institution in the U.S

    • If neither of these statements is true, applicants are required to take the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test to demonstrate English proficiency. 

    • Type of Test                                                  Minimum Requirement (Undergraduate)     Minimum Requirement (Graduate)

    • TOEFL, Internet-based test (iBT)                                 61                                                                              70

    • TOEFL, paper test (pBT)                                                    500                                                                          525

    • IELTS                                                                                              6.0                                                                            6.5

    • ​​Duolingo                                                                                    95                                                                             105

    • Test must be taken within the past two years

    • Request official score to be sent to Bethesda University (Institutional Code: 032663)

    • If students do not demonstrate English proficiency, they need to take the English Placement Test. The English Placement Test consists of four sections: listening, reading comprehension, speaking, and writing. Based on the result of the test, students will be required to enroll in English language classes. Additionally, students may enroll in their respective undergraduate or graduate courses. You will get more information about the English Placement Test on the Registration page.

* International students must also submit the following before class registration:

  • Proof of Health Insurance

  • Recent I-94

  • U.S. Address


Transcript Evaluation

Bethesda University requires Transcripts to be evaluated. “SpanTran is our recommended international transcript evaluation service. They have created a custom application for Bethesda University that will make sure you select the right kind of evaluation at a discounted rate. You can access their application here:

SpanTran Application – Bethesda University 


Medical Insurance

  • International Students must provide proof of health insurance during registration every semester.

  • If a student does not submit proof of health insurance, coverage will be assigned to them. More information is available in the application.


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