Religious Statue

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

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B.A. in Business Administration

Programming Console

B.A. in Information Technology

Piano Player

Bachelor of 

Arts in Music

Children in School Bus

B.A. in Early Childhood Education

Paint Cans

B.A. in Design

Bethesda University changes to move the BA in Design program to be one concentration of the BA in Information Technology program (BA in IT-Digital Design) from the 2022 Spring semester.

Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program is a four year degree which is a broad-based program designed to give the student in-depth academic training in the liberal arts and Christian faith and practice. Since the B.A. program provides a broad education with a focus on a special area of interest, the student graduating with a B.A. degree should have a general knowledge or acquaintance with the basic disciplines of learning. This forms the foundation upon which the student begins to build competence in the special field of professional education they have chosen. The curriculum is designed to encourage social adaptation and integration of the student into western culture through course offerings reflecting the historical and theological foundations of the Christian faith. The student is taught the basics of Christian spirituality and practice through classroom experiences and chapel services. Through the integration of general and biblical studies, the contribution of other disciplines is incorporated.