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Student Services

Student Services



The purpose of Student Services is to enhance the student’s commitment to ministry regardless of vocational calling and to provide an educational environment with the necessary services that will facilitate the student’s development of Christ-likeness. Further, we strive to create a supportive environment offering school activities and special programs through which our students will be able to grow in their relationship with our Lord and with each other.



BU does not operate on-campus health services. However, our students’ health and well-being are important to us. This is why we have agreements with a nearby physician and a nearby hospital for the provision of medical services for our students. University van can be used for transportation to and from the hospital in case of medical emergencies. The contact information for the hospital is as below:

Anaheim General Hospital 3350 West Ball Rd. Anaheim, CA 92804
Tel (714) 827-6700 / Fax (714) 821-6537



BU provides counseling and advisement in several areas under the responsibility of the Dean of Students:

     *Personal/family/spiritual by the Dean of Students, Chaplain, faculty, referral.

     *Academic Advisement by the faculty advisor, Chief Academic Officer.

     *Vocational Counseling by the Dean of Students, faculty, Chaplain, referral.

     *Financial Counseling by Student Accounts, referral to Financial Aid Counselor.


The following are BU’s counseling program’s general objectives:

     To ensure that students feel comfortable in our school environment so that they may successfully pursue their studies at BU.

     To provide them with emotional support.

     To help them adjust to American culture and society.

     To enhance, encourage, and build their pursuit of Christ-likeness.

     To clarify any questions in regards to their vocational matters.

     To offer guidance in helping them build a sense of direction for their future as Christian leaders.


Individual counseling and group counseling are available during the school year at designated hours. In an effort to assist the student with personal concerns and needs, we offer the following:


     *A mentor program where students share their thoughts, problems, and concerns and class registration on guide for each semester with their assigned mentors during monthly meetings.

     *Counseling by appointment with the Dean of Students.


Full-time faculties are required to maintain regular hours for advising students. Many of our professors are ordained pastors and can offer pastoral counseling. Students desiring to the counsel of a personal nature are encouraged to talk with faculty and administration concerning these issues.



At the beginning of each semester, the Dean of Students leads a new student orientation. It includes a devotional, history of the school, an explanation of curriculum and program learning objectives, an explanation for procedures for suggestions and complaints, an explanation of the Christian Service Program, and a tour of the library and the building. Following the orientation, the new students, the student council, the faculty, and the administration enjoy a dinner offered by BU.



Bethesda Christian University offers some assistance in placement. The Dean of Students maintains a list of possible placement positions for students and graduates.



Each year the student body selects officers to provide leadership in both its undergraduate and graduate programs. Student body officers are responsible for planning student activities and to integrate new students into the community of BU. Student leaders also arrange student chapel services. Student body officers provide advice on the development of the student handbook for both programs.



BU encourages the formation of student clubs that will be beneficial to the students academically and emotionally. Friendship and fellowship among Christians can be soothing to the soul, promote a spirit of cooperation, and a desire to continue the work of our Lord. We, therefore, encourage the clubs that abide by our Christian values and ethics. Examples of clubs are:  Bible Study Club, Visual Design Club, Prayer Club, Praise Club, etc.


The procedures you need to follow to start a student club are as followed:

     > First, you need to obtain the approval of the Student Council

     > Then, Fill out the Student Organization Application form and submit to the Student Affairs Office.

     > Then, the approval of the Dean of Students

     > Final approval is given by the Vice President