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BU Library was founded in 1976.  The Library holds more than 50,000 volumes of books, 5,000 titles of serials including online subscriptions, video tapes, cassette tapes,CDs, and DVDs in Theology, BusinessAdministration, Early Childhood Education, Music, ESL,IT, etc.   BU library fosters the power of reading and provides open access to all forms of information to enrich people's lives every day.

Recreation Center

BU Recreation Center is a full featured wellness and recreation center located on the main Anaheim campus. Whether you're looking to stay fit, relax yourself after day class, or just have some fun, the center has everything you'll need. 

Hours  of Operation                  

Monday      9AM-6PM                           

Tuesday     9AM--6PM                                                    

Thursday   9AM--6PM

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Computer Class

Computer Laboratory

BU’s Computer Lab offer students a place to do homework, print assignments, and research on the web.                       

Hours  of Operation                  

Monday      9AM-6PM                           

Tuesday     9AM--6PM                                                     Thursday   9AM--6PM


BU provides counseling and advisement in several areas under the responsibility of the Dean of Students:


     *Personal/family/spiritual by the Dean of Students, Chaplain, faculty, referral.


     *Academic Advisement by the faculty advisor, Chief Academic Officer.


     *Vocational Counseling by the Dean of Students, faculty, Chaplain, referral.


     *Financial Counseling by Student Accounts, referral to Financial Aid Counselor.

Support Group
Teacher Assisting a Student

Placement Assistance

Bethesda Christian University offers some assistance in placement. The Dean of Students maintains a list of possible placement positions for students and graduates.

Health Service

BU does not operate on-campus health services. However, our student's health and well-being are important to us. This is why we have agreements with a nearby physician and a nearby hospital for the provision of medical services for our students. University van can be used for transportation to and from the hospital in case of medical emergencies. The contact information for the hospital is as below:

Anaheim General Hospital 3350 West Ball Rd. Anaheim, CA 92804

Tel (714) 827-6700 / Fax (714) 821-6537