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We would like to share the information about the financial assistance available to you.A portion of the federal CARES Act provides funding to support students and institutions in covering unexpected expenses due to COVID-19. Bethesda University applied for funding from the federal CARES Act and are hoping to receive the fund from the U.S. Deparment of Education. We will be able to rapidly start distributing grants to students to meet a need from a hardship developed due to the pandemic. Recipients will be notified via a message to their Bethesda University email account.

Who is Eligible?
Student who meet basic eligibility criteria for federal financial aid and who have the financial need can be considered for these funds. Finanical Aid Office will determine your eligibility based on the information provided on your 2019-2020 FAFSA. If ou are eligible to file a FAFSA but have not yet filed for 2019-2020 and need assistance, please file a FAFSA at Funds are limited and will be awarded in the order qualifying applications are received.

Title IV Eligibility included eligible immigration status, High School graduated or equlvalent, valid social security number, registration with selective service, etc. (Section 484 of the HEA)

Students in default are not eligible

Students with an overpayment are not eligible

Unfortunately, the U.S. department of Education does not allow these funds to be used for international students, undocumented students or online students. Students must not have been enrolled in only online classes prior to the emergency action on March 13, 2020. Student must be enrolled in at least one non-online course.

Each student is required to complete the Emergency Grant Relief Form identifying the category of need before the funds will be disbursed.

How much will student receive?
Award amounts will vary based upon available funding.

How Funds will be distributed to student?
The funds will be disbursed in 1 lump sum to each student based on their eligibility and in order of receipt of their form, until all funds are disbursed.

For student who have signed up for direct deposit with the Accounting Office, funding will be sent the the student's financial institiution via EFT. For students not enrolled in direct deposit, checks will be mailed.

Federal CARES Act grants are intended to assist students with economic hardships related to disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Funds may be used to cover: Travel and child care, Technology or other resources needed for online cursework, and mecal expenses. You must use these funds for coronavirus-related expenses. You may be asked to provide substantiation that such expenses were (1) related to coronavirus-caused campus disruption, and (2) actuall y incurred and paid by you, and you should be prepared to provided such substantiation if ever requested.

Pleas complete the CARES ACT Studet Request Form(Click) to apply

Office of Financial Aid.