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Timm Moon

HR/Internal Compliance Officer


Contact Information

Office location: Room 318
Phone number: (714) 683-1212 [Ext. 1207]

Welcome message

Hi! I'm Timm (with 2 M's), the primary person in charge of HR and compliance. I'll be the first person for anything you need related to work operations, documentation, and regulatory matters.
If you have a question or an issue related to the workplace, please feel free to drop in speak with me in the office in room 318. Hopefully, I'll be able to address any concerns you may have and provide a resolution to any problems to ensure Bethesda is a safe, productive, and comfortable environment for all.


Bachelor of Economics, University at Buffalo



With over 15 years of continued experience in the education field, Timm Moon has dedicated his career to the benefit and growth of students through many facets of education including: private tutoring, college prep/counseling, entrance exam preparation, formal research, teaching assistance, ESL programming, private education management, adjunct lecturing, and more. He continues to provide guidance and expertise through his breadth of educational experience to create a holistically sound academic environment starting from foundational operation procedures all the way to impactful student outcomes.

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Research Interests

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