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Dr. Pan-Ho Kim



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Office location: Room 311

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Bachelor of Theology, Seoul Theological University.
Master of Theology, Graduate School of Theology, Methodist Theological University
Master of Theology, Mainz University
Doctor of Theology, Bonn University



Dr. Panho Kim, Ph.D., is Bethesda University’s eleventh president. His new calling follows a long and distinguished service as a minister and scholar.

Panho’s encounter with the Lord came after his long struggle with a lung disease, which was very common in poverty-stricken Korea in the sixties. Battling with his poor health condition, he often contemplated life's meaning, only to be overwhelmed by the sense of hopelessness. Then, God turned things around when Panho attended a revival meeting at Yoido Full Gospel Church. Touched by the powerful Gospel message of the late Rev. Yonggi Cho, Panho decided to devote his life to the Lord.

After finishing his theological degrees in Korea, Panho felt the Lord’s calling to study theology in Germany, where he researched the theology of Yonggi Cho using the dialectical method of Paul Tillich. Upon graduation, he returned to Korea to serve a researcher and theologian at Hansei University and International Theological Research Institute and as a pastor at Yoido Full Gospel Church.

Little did Panho know that the Lord had yet another plan for him. In 2012, the Lord called him to minister at Chicago Full Gospel Church as a senior pastor. Serving as senior pastor, Panho had the first experience with the challenges that many immigrant churches faced and also their potential in serving the Lord on the mission field where they could leverage their cultural adaptability.

After faithfully serving as a minister, he is now called by the Lord to serve as the president of Bethesda University. While he feels the weight of the responsibility of leading the university, he feels confident that the Lord has prepared him for this moment.

In addition to being a scholar and minster, Panho is also a family man. Panho is married to Eun Young, and they have two daughters, So Yeon and Min Sie. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing golf and bowling.

● General Secretary Pastor at Yoido Full Gospel Church Christ’s Ambassador Mission

● Senior Pastor of Frankfurt Full Gospel Church, Germany

● Director of Education Research Institute, International Theological Research Institute, Yoido Full Gospel Church

● Professor of Systematic Theology, Hansei University

● Dean of Hansei University's Special Graduate School,

● Director of Youngsan Theological Research Institute

● Dean of Academic Affairs at Hansei University

● Director of Yoido Full Gospel Church Foreign Language Worship Department, Church Growth Department, Full Gospel Education Center, and Missions Department

● Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Chicago Church

● President of the Full Gospel World Missions, Inc.

● President of Bethesda University

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