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 Grievance Policy 


Grievance Policy 

If a student has a concern, complaint, grievance, or a challenge to disciplinary or dismissal actions that he wishes to pursue, he should inform the Chair of Student Affairs. The Chair of Student Affairs will record the complaint and try to resolve the issue by himself or in cooperation with others. This may mean taking the issue to a faculty or administrative committee. Any resolution reached will also be recorded. A student may appeal the decision by submitting a written request informing the Chair of Student Affairs of his or her desire to appeal and why he or she thinks an appeal is appropriate.  The administration will form a committee by choosing two members from the administration or staff, two from the faculty and one from the student government.  If desired, the student may choose a committee member from any of these three categories.  Additionally, the student can reject one of the committee members chosen by the administration (e.g., if the complaint is against that potential committee member).  Minutes will be kept of all committee meetings.


Note that upon request the student has rights to the following:

  • A written statement of any charges against a student, reasons for discipline, reason for dismissal (to be provided upon request)

  • Copies of all committee minutes

  • The right to confront and cross-examine any witnesses

  • The right to call witnesses and character references

  • A written statement of the final decision


If the student feels that a grievance was not properly handled, he may contact any of the following agencies:


Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

400 R Street Suite 5000

Sacramento, CA 95814-6200



Transnational Association of Colleges and Schools

15935 Forest Road
Forest, Virginia 24551

(434) 525-0539


Association for Biblical Higher Education

5850 T G Lee Blvd, Suite 130

Orlando, FL 32822