Master of Business Administration



Business Administration impacts many areas of modern society.  The study of business administration is interdisciplinary and includes coverage of such areas as business management, e-commerce, marketing, accounting, economics and information technology.  The Masters of Business Administration Degree (M.B.A.) is a 45 credit program (or less, depending on transfer credit etc.), providing students with the key managerial skills necessary for the business environment including essential management skills, marketing, communication, managing individuals and teams, and conducting practical administration affairs.  Online MBA courses are also available.

Business Faculty members include those who hold advanced degrees, professional business managers, and seasoned instructors ready to share their knowledge and experience with students.  Many facets of today’s business environment require knowledge of the advanced managerial and administrative skills taught in this program.



Upon completion of the degree program, students will be able to:


1. Understand how management within different business environments works including the role of managers

2. Gain managerial and business skills necessary in today’s business environment

3. Be able to articulate advanced administration and managerial strategies

4. Demonstrate managerial knowledge of areas of business including accounting, finance, marketing, business law and other key business areas.

5. Apply key management and business concepts, including ethical concepts, to certain business situations.

M.B.A. Master of Business Administration Degree Requirements

   Prerequisite Courses:               12 credit hours

   Core Major Courses:                  18 credit hours

   Elective Courses:                       12 credit hours

   Final Required Courses:            3 credit hours

                              Total:                 45 credit hours (or less depending on transfer credit)

      (subject to change)

The student will be grounded with prerequisite courses depending on their academic background.  Students will also take several courses from the core business administration options to satisfy the core requirement, allowing them to learn about advanced managerial concepts that apply to various professional scenarios.  The program is structured such that students have some choice of electives and can tailor their interest to courses they wish to take under the electives offered.  Certain Prerequisite courses may be waived based on prior education transfer credit.  Transfer credit may be applied for based on the University Transfer Credit Policy and a maximum of 12 semester units can be transferred to the program.    

Chair of Business Administration Dept.

   Dr.Brandi Payne                office : 304                            (714) 683-1378


Applications enquiries can be made to or by calling 714-683-1212.  Prospective students are welcome to visit the University campus to have a tour.  Please schedule a tour with admissions by contacting them using the above contact details.