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B.A. in Music




Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bethesda Music Department provides comprehensive and effective education through a rigorous program and a balanced curriculum of intensive academic study along with talented music faculties who speaks English and Korean fluently, which will help students to become strong music leaders of 21st century. Bethesda school of music programs (B.A & M.A) enables students to become Church choir Conductor, Accompanist, Soloist, Praise Ministry, Music Director, and Musical Actor & Actress.

Future Career after graduate from BUC

After finished Graduate program, he/she can teach secondary major student as an adjunct faculty for 1 year and school help to become Church choir conductor, Accompanist, Praise Ministry. Also, school can help to get the job in America through the certificate programs such as Music Therapist and Organist.

Classical Music

Keyboards (Piano/Organ/Accompanying)

Voice/Composition/Orchestral Instruments

Conducting/Percussion/Musical Theatre

Contemporary Music

Keyboard/Vocal/ Elec. Guitar & Bass Guitar /Drum/

Media & Computer Music









Orchestral Instruments


Contemporary Music (Vocal, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drum)

Media & Computer Music

Musical Theatre


B.A in Music - 135 Units


American Guild of Organist Certificate

After finished all course works from Bethesda, then pass the license test from AGO, he/she can get American Guild of Organ Certificate, and become a church Organist in USA and Korea. During the study at Bethesda, student can use school organ practice room and use Casavant Pipe Organ at Blessed Sacrament Church in LA.

*This certificate is separated from school degree, and school help to get certificate after finished school required course works.

Dean of Undergrad. Music

Randy Kim


(714) 683-1210

Department of Music Assistant

Ji Yeon Kim


(714) 683-1210





B.A. in Music Degree Requirement: 135 Hours

General Education: 45 hours

◉ Required: 27 hrs

Arts of Communication: 6 hrs
GC120 English Composition  
GC210 Speech and Communication

Social Science: 6 hrs
GS120 Introduction to Sociology
GS170 American Law & Society

Art and Humanities: 6 hrs
GH100 Introduction to Psychology    
GH110 Introduction to Music Performance I

Natural Sciences / Computer: 6 hrs
GN120 Earth Science  
GM170 Introduction to Computers

Health and Physical Education: 3 hrs (Select one from below lists)
PE100 Introduction to PE PE106 Golf
PE102 Basketball PE107 Bowling
PE103 Baseball PE200 Health and Fitness
PE104 Soccer PE210 Dance
PE105 Tennis

Electives: 18 hrs (Select six from General Education Course lists)

Bible/ Theology: 6 hours

◉ Bible Studies : 3 hrs (Select one from below lists)

BS200 Introduction to the Bible 3 hrs
NT312 Life and Teaching of Jesus 3 hrs
TH110 Introduction to Christianity 3 hrs

◉ Chapel : 3 hrs

CS110 Christian Service I   0.5 hrs
CS120 Christian Service II   0.5 hrs
CS210 Christian Service III   0.5 hrs
CS220 Christian Service IV  0.5 hrs
CS310 Christian Service V   0.5 hrs
CS320 Christian Service VI  0.5 hrs

Professional Studies: 84 Hours

◉ Required: 65 hrs

MUS151 Applied Music I     2 hrs
MUS152 Applied Music II    2 hrs
MUS153 Applied Music III   2 hrs
MUS154 Applied Music IV   2 hrs
MUS155 Applied Music V   2 hrs
MUS156 Applied Music VI   2 hrs
MUS157 Applied Music VII   2 hrs
MUS158 Applied Music VIII  2 hrs
MU125 Weekly Performance I   P/F
MU126 Weekly Performance II  P/F
MU225 Weekly Performance III  P/F
MU226 Weekly Performance IV P/F
MU325 Weekly Performance V  P/F
MU326 Weekly Performance VI P/F
MU161 Music History & Literature I    3 hrs
MU162 Music History & Literature II   3 hrs
MU163 Music History & Literature III  3 hrs
MU174 Music Theory I    2 hrs
MU233 Music Theory II    2 hrs
MU180 Ensemble I         3 hrs
MU181 Ensemble II        3 hrs
MU145 Sight-singing & Ear-training I   2 hrs
MU245 Sight-singing & Ear-training II   2 hrs
MU211 Chorus I        2 hrs
MU212 Chorus II        2 hrs
MU234 Harmony I      2 hrs
MU235 Harmony II      2 hrs
MU261 Musical Form & Analysis I      2 hrs
MU421 Praise & Worship Leader        3 hrs
MU422 Church Music History        3 hrs
MU366 Junior Recital         P/F
MU367 Junior Project         P/F
MU460 Senior Recita         P/F
MU461 Senior Project        P/F

For Classical Music Major
MU268 Music Pedagogy                  3 hrs
MU332 Counterpoint I                      2 hrs
MU333 Counterpoint II                     2 hrs
MU423 Music Teaching Method       3 hrs

For Contemporary Music Major 
MU171 Jazz Theory I               2 hrs
MU172 Jazz Theory II              2 hrs  
MU293 Jazz Improvisation        3 hrs
MU443 MIDI & Arranging           3 hrs  

◉ Electives: 19 hrs




Entrance Audition Requirements


Applicants, who are auditioning for programs that require a pre-screen review, are still required to send a pre-screen recording by January 1, 2015.

Live Audition Appointment will be available starting January 2015.

Applicants are encouraged to audition/interview in person whenever possible.

Email confirmation of the audition appointment will be issued to the applicant at the email address provided in the application from the Bethesda Music Department once it is scheduled.

Application Inquires

E-mail: bcumusic@hotmail.com

B.A. in Music Entrance Audition Requirement


Further notice


Further notice


Further notice

Vocal Music

Further notice


Further notice


Further notice

Orchestral Music


Further notice



Double Base











Music Business

Writing (the themes will be announced on the test day)

Praise Ministry


One hymn of your choice
Improvisation of one song that is first viewed on that day


Your choice of one song
Improvisation of one song that is first viewed on that day

Electric Guitar

Your choice of one song
Improvisation of one song that is first viewed on that day

Bass Guitar

Your choice of one song
Improvisation of one song that is first viewed on that day


Your choice of one song (playing rhythm)
Playing rhythm by first view of songs

Trumpet, Saxophone

Your choice of one song
Improvisation of one song that is first viewed on that day


No audition (Graded only by interview and G.P.A.)

Computer Music

No audition


Your Choice of one song

Music Therapy

No Requirement




Faculty Members


Classical Music Department


Esther Cho
Post Graduate Diploma. Brooklyn Conservatory
Candidate for Master of Arts in Music, University of Southern California
M.M. Sook Myung Womans University

Aron Mcclaskey
D.M.A. University of Southern California
Member of USC teaching staff (piano classes and assistant to the piano faculty)
USC Youth Conservatory faculty member

Ron Anderson
D.M.A. University of Arizona
M.M. CSU, Long Beach
B.M. Biola University

David Henning Plylar
Ph.D. Eastman School of Music
M.M. University of Louisville, School of Music  
B.A. Duke University  

Jenny Jee –El Park
M.A. Columbia University
B.M. Manhattan School of Music


Yun-Ju Lai
D.M.A. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
M.M. University of Texas at Austin
B.A. Taipei National University of the Arts

Young Dae Kwon
Professional Study.Vienna Consevatory of Music, Austria
M.M. Vienna Conservatory of Music
B.A. Yonsei University

Hea Suk Park
M.M. Manhattan School of Music
Diploma. Hochschule Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria
Young Nam University

Seung Chul Jeon
Diploma. Consevatorio di G. Verdi, Milano
Diploma. Accademia Orfeo, Parma
B.A. Chung Nam National University


Jae Suh
M.M CSU Fullerton
B.A CSU Long Beach
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa

Hyun Hwa Gu
B.A Kyung Hee University
Instructor of Baek Seok University, Soong Sil University
Worship Leader of Oriental Mission Church

Seoplee Stephen Kim
M.I. (KIT)Professional Music Diploma. Keyboard
M.Div. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. Seoul National University


IL Yeop Ju  
President of B.W.M.C
D.M.A. Sophia National University
M.A. Manhattan School of Music
B.M. Seoul National University

Yun Jae Daniel Park
Advanced Studies in Performance, University of Southern California
M.M. University of Southern California
B.M. Han Yang University


Choe, Hye Sung
D.M.A. Rochester University -The Eastman School of Music
M.M. Rochester University -The Eastman School of Music
B.M. Seoul National University


Tie Bai
M.M. University of Southern California  
M.M. Beijing Militay Art College
Judge at Beijing Int. Clarinet Competition and Japan Clarinet Competition


Yuri Inoo
D.M.A. University of Southern California
M.M. University of Southern California
B.M. San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA


Ho Chu
M.A. Queens College of New York City University
Post Graduate Diploma. Brooklyn Conservatory
B.M. Seoul National University


Jeong Woo Jin
Ph.D. University of Southern California
M.A. California State University, Los Angeles
B.S. Busan National University

Sung Wan Cho
Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles
M.A. California State University, Los Angeles
M.M. Seoul National University
B.M. Seoul National University

Praise Ministry & Practical Music Department  


Ken Song
M.M. University of Southern California
B.M. University of Southern California


Kyung Min Kim
Professional Music Diploma. Berklee College of Music
B.A. Ewa Womans University

Ho In Kim
B.A.Soong­Sil University
Professional Music Diploma. M.I (KIT) Keyboard
Cornel University Music / FILM scoring Master


Dave Martyn
M.A. Concordia University
B.A. Occidental College

Bass Guitar

Key Kim
Los Angeles College of Music
Studied Jazz Studies at CalArts
T.A  Musicians Institute (MI, Hollywood)

Drum and Percussion

Samuel Mazur
A.A.Los Angeles College of Music
Diploma.Institute Des Percussions Modernes
Instructor of Musicians Institute (MI, Hollywood)

Film & Music

Brandon Jung
B.A. Berklee College of Music
Dual Major in Film a Scoring and Music Producting & Engineering


Randy Kim
Professional Music Diploma. M.I (PIT)Drum
Professional Music Diploma. M.I (KIT)Keyboard
Professional Music Diploma. M.I (GIT)Guitar
B.A. Cerritos College (1989)

Music Theory ,Music History & Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Kelly Kim
M.A. Biola University
M.A. University of Chicago
B.A. Shenandoah University and Conservatory of Music

Music Theory & Music History

Jae Moore
Ph.D. University of Southern California
M.M. University of Southern California
B.M. Seoul National University

Hyo In Kim
Ph.D. Music Education, Temple University
M.A. Music Education, Brooklyn College
M.M. Piano Performance, Chung Ang University
B.A. Music Education, Chonnam National University

Secondary Major Adjunct Faculty

Music Ministry/ Introduction to Music Performance I,II

Ji Yeon Kim
Bethesda Music Department Assistant
M.A. Bethesda University
B.A. Bethesda University
Kyung Nam High School of Arts

Sun Kyung Kim
D.M.A.Studying at Claremont University Doctor of Church Music
M.A. Bethesda University

Hyun Kyung Kim
M.A Bethesda University
B.A. Jeon Buk National University
Music teacher of Korea International School in Beijing  

Eun Mi Kim
M.A. Bethesda University
M.M. Kei Myung University

Kyung Youn Park
M.A. Bethesda University
Studied Prayner Konsevatorium