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Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to Bethesda University!
You may select one the applications to begin admission process.




Applicants for Applicants must:

Completed and signed Application Application.

A $100 nonrefundable application fee for International applicant, payable to Bethesda University. (or $50 nonrefundable application fee for Domestic applicant)

Official transcripts (in English) from previously attended schools

Christian Testimonial Essay for Religion students and Personal Essay for Non-religion students.

Copy of Photo I.D. (e.g. Driver;s license or passport)

If you want to transfer credits from other schools, also submit Credit Transfer application forms.
You will be informed of results via e-mail.



Admitted students receive Student ID and Password via E-mail to access "Learning Management System" on school website.

To access Learning Management System, access the Bethesda University website (www.buc.edu) and click the "Learning Management System" on the middle and choose Student, then type your ID and Password provided from school.

On the Learning Management System, select Semester and Online classes you want to take. After this process, Tuition will be calculated (Other fee is not included), then students can pay their tuition fee by credit card or remittance using bank account transfer process.

After students have paid their tuition in full, a student will be able to get a permission to access "Online Lecture" site.



Access the Bethesda University Website (www.buc.edu) and click Online Lecture on the middle.  

Type your student ID and password and click the LOGIN icon.

Click the class you registered from the online class list on the left side, and you can see the course syllabus, guidelines for lectures, other class materials and video clips of lectures.

After watching the lecture video, take class notes, and send your notes with other assignments to professor via E-mail. Students should make copies of their notes and keep it for themselves.

All weekly assignments should be submitted according to the weekly due date. And book reviews or other major papers should be submitted to professor during the semester.

If the discussion subject has provided from professor, you should participate in the discussion.

For mid-term examination and the final examination, Students will be informed personally by e-mail from professor or information will be available on the Online Lecture website.

For "Christian Service" and "Supervised Ministry" subject, every student should watch Bethesda chapel through video clips, take notes on the worship service and submit them to the school at the end of semester. You should fill out and submit Christian Service Form (www.buc.edu/Community/School Information) offered by the school in order to provide some service that you did at your church.



After finishing online classes, professors will be posting grades on Learning Management System for students.

You can check your grade from Learning Management System. Access the Bethesda University website and click the Learning Management System and choose Student, then type your student ID and Password provided from school.

If you would like a second opinion about your grade or would like to request a change, print out the Grade change form (www.buc.edu/Community/School Information) on the website and send them to the main campus within two weeks.

Other issues regarding online courses will be handled according to the school catalog.