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Founder's Greeting

"Bethesda University is a
gateway to the world"

Now is the time when the world needs well-equipped leaders for the new millennium. Come to Bethesda with great vision and hope to become a future leader.


In 1976, I founded Bethesda University, USA to raise millennium leaders who have a firm Christian foundation and vision for world missions. The school has continued to improve through God's grace and is now accredited by the BPPE (a division of the California Department of Education), the ABHE (the Association for Biblical Higher Education, an association of theological schools), and TRACS (the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, also an association of Christian schools). Therefore, graduates of Bethesda University can enter any graduate school in the world. We are proud that the University has developed into a great institution similar to other high-quality universities in the U.S.

In particular, our school's music department has produced many outstanding musicians, and its graduates have gone on to graduate schools in the U.S. or have returned to Korea and contributed to society in various ways through music.

Now is the time when the world requires millennium leaders. Come to Bethesda University with great vision and hope. The school's excellent faculty will help you become a qualified leader in the 21st century who combines intellect, musical talent, and Christianity with balance.

Welcome, all of you!

‘Dr. David Yonggi Cho’
Founder of Bethesda University



Dr. David Yonggi Cho